Wednesday, February 2, 2011

daulah islamiyyah

im in a mid of holidays tht jz left for a few days.
n i refused went to Grik,sory abh n umi.. its better staying at home taking care of my sis (she's unable to do, move,walk n so wtv things tht relate to her right leg bcz of tht incident)pity her.her hubby(my brother in law) seems so caring towards her. how i wish i'll be like him. His patience amaze me.patient patient patient. no matter wut, i'll try to be patient cz im far far far away from tht.

assignment?otw doin tht.
presentation chemist? yosh, i read from other wallpost that claiming why mdm tpah exchanged his group. then i remembered, that's all bcz of me! my group has 5girls and in order to get pairing wif each other, im the one who didn't get any i asked mdm to get 3mmbers [alin,ct n me]for my group n in order doing tht we hv to take other group tht hv 3 mmbers and divide them. and dats it. he was in dat group. sorry for him. [im sure no one understand this complicated story then] T.T

hope they'll be fine. gov must take actions more firm! say no to mubaraq!

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