Friday, January 23, 2009

a way f0r happines

hyep & all0p :)
t0day,secara xrasminye sch0ol 0liday bermule..
tapi kenyataannye,bukanlah benar2 cuti..isk
0mwork yg gile punye byk,,huks,,xbley blaah:(
*w0ndering when sh0uld i start t0 do it* [?]
i can't 0vercome my pressure
i realized that every0ne was just like me
they c0mplained ab0ut their time management and c0nsuming and s0 on
yep, f0r sure its all up t0 us,guys..definately
and 0ne of my friends asked me..
why my face turned pale..
huks,,i am always like this l0rr
then,my physic teacher asked ab0ut my sw0llen eyes..
i t0ok it as a seri0us matter when my m0m said i was s0 skinny recently*[i d0n't think s0 actually]
[but hani has said t0 me bef0re]
in 0ther hands,i was actually taking every single thing f0r granted..
i d0n't take a breakfast until aftern0on
i was 0verslept[my bad]
i was pretty easy t0 l0se my temper
i can't handle my bad habits and s0 on..
s0mehow,my sis said i am a little insane girl,,[maybe she's right]
huks,,lets put this such silly matter aside
i wanna share ab0ut a fact 0f number in a healthy diet:)

1 glass 0f juice
Carols' orange juice Pictures, Images and Photos
it gives fibre f0r us especially when u take a fruit juice

2 fresh apples..either green or red
apple Pictures, Images and Photos
take it one between 10 am until 12 and the other one ar0und 3pm.

3 slices 0f bread
Bread Omg Pictures, Images and Photos
3slices 0f breads with0ut butter is really advisable.Enjoy it with a glass 0f h0t milk and oat.

5 minutes t0 take a breath
Manage your breathing t0 ensure the bl0od circulatory fl0ws fluently.

7pm f0r a dinner
This is because at this time,0ur body will start t0 get tired according to the energy usage in the aftern0on.Give 2 hours gap bef0re u take a bed.

8 glasses 0f plain water
glass of water Pictures, Images and Photos
it helps to regulate 0ur b0dy system.whatever it is,surely water is certainly vital in 0ur life.

0kies,dats all..

p/s:i'm sick


little lady~ said...

dun burden urself keep thinking bout small matter..
u can do it...

msti amalina kuat gile keyh stdy?

✖qiELa™✖ said...

msti stdy gilak arh..d0p get0o?ekeke

bukanWANITA[2] said...

study gp nm ghima gak
d0p lasum
qila nge tyrah tuh bru j0lo
guud lark des

mentari senja said...

na stdy kuat..
mlm2 xtdOpOm,
meh2 amIk medik dOh..

such an insane girl!!!!

bukanWANITA[2] said...

xs0h ngabey laa
ak sedar siapa ak sbnrnye

✖qiELa™✖ said...

oyap kokre lo0px..
j0l0w d0h t0o..
stdy sedak lakow..kiki3..
thnx..gudluck g0x desh..^^