Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Israel's acti0n in Gaza is an act 0f self-defense?

Israel t0ok its war against Gaza t0 a new level 0ver the weekend.
They are sending th0usands 0f gr0und tr0ops int0 the Strip.
Actually,what is the exactly Israel's g0als in Gaza?
Were their acti0ns against Palestinians' pe0ple, an act 0f self-defense t0wards the
military which is Hamas,as they menti0ned.?
They said,Hamas used synical strategy and pr0voked Israel by sending r0ckets in everywhere places.In 0ther hands,Israel resp0nds t0 them.
As Israeli Prime minister,Ehud Olmert [la'natullah] stated that with pride,
"It may take time,and each every one 0f us must be patient s0 we can c0mplete the missi0n"
Even 0lmert did n0t stated clearly b0ut the "missi0n",it may includes several distinct 0bjectives.
Did y0u guys still remember its n0table humiliati0n in Lebanon during 2006?sO,the Israeli armed forces have been looking for opportunities to re-establish their global standing. they used Syria as their laboratory and now they have decided to focus on Gaza. Emphasizing the mere three minutes and 40 seconds it took to bomb 50 sites is just one of the ways the Israeli military aims to restore its international reputation. Its clearly sh0wn,isn't it?
And n0w,there's n0 place left in Gaza that can be c0nsidered safe.
As all 0f us knew,the United Nation Security Council has s0 far failed t0 agree on a res0luti0n f0r the crisis.[what 0n earth are they d0ing??]
Yet,what ab0ut Arab League?they sh0uld take acti0n quickly t0 end the Israeli attacks on Gaza.H0wever,it just a waste of time having the Arab league when these Arabs have no unity between them.

At least 393 Palestinians, including dozens of civilians, have been killed and about 1,600 injured as Israeli warplanes and helicopter gunships have dropped hundreds of bombs and missiles on the densely inhabited strip.

Are we g0ing just t0 see this numbers 0f palestinian pe0ple that have been killed increasing everyday?
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Palestina Pictures, Images and Photos


AtikAh said...

sedeh tul tgk2 palestinians..

pakat kito bc qunut nazilah tuh..

accidentally fall in love said...

sapow nk mati syahid????
tgk mukow xse blakow neh...

✖qiELa™✖ said...

cedeyh daa~palestinian..huh..
kekejaman israel..

bukanWANITA[2] said...

tik:yup,d0a qunut nazilah..
d0a adlh snjata 0rg muslim

juden:sumer nk mati syahid..tp masih byk caranye..nway,b0ikot brg2 israel!

qila:mmg sedeh.
p/s;adekah ini ptnde kiamat makin hmpir?

✖qiELa™✖ said...

kita daa akhir zmn daa~
antra ptnda2 dye neh..huhuks

p/s;doa n bnyok smye hajat 4 palestinian..save palestinian!!