Monday, March 1, 2010

i dont wanna run away

..u leave me breathless..
..u're everything good in my life..
u leave me breathless
i still can't believe that u're mine
waah.shayne ward XD.nostalgik hbs.ngee
okei,bcoz i AM really really free now so i don't mind at all doing this so-called-tag by mr.teaser kanser .
[ bajet je bz ]

The rules : Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 23 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 5 people to be tag :)

1.♥to sleep. seriously,i am.i can sleep for 6 hours n continue sleeping again at night like normal person did.regret knowing me huh?idc.ha.ha.ha :D

2.♥to need to mention about my recent weight that seems suprisingly increase by month.haks. [ kes nk balas dendam time exam SPM last year punye pasal lah nih.heh. ]

3.i am soo egomaniac.big headed.even mnafikan bribu kali,tp still org ckp ''yes,u r''.myb ade genetik ego belah abah kot.ahaha.maah,smnjak dua mnjak nih,level ego ku smakin mnurun bcoz of some silly reasons;/

4.hate commitments in an uncertain relationship? ._.

5.a stingy one.perhaps..?siape xsyg duit..huks

6.i can online without doing anything purposely for 5hours.ahaa..nothing to be proud of,geez=.=''

7.unpredictable.bcoz i ain't stick to my decision.serious.

8.i cant confront n chat with guys naturally like others always did like saying 'hello'.'morning~' n waving hand at each other n so whatever things.they're my biggest fear after all.officially my life is surrounded with girlsss n gf',never give it a damn at all.hee.

9.nur syazwani abd rahim is my soul-mate ever after. *waah,msti bggo klu dyo baco nih. :)

10.i love arabic language so much. XD more than my sis did.hee

11.easy to cry only for silly jz a lil girl,nway

12.sometimes,being a shopaholic ;)

13.hate people who doesn't reply my msg after getting something what he/she wants from me without saying 'thank you'.?or am i juz too much..really2 disappointed.haiih.

14.i have many nicknames.such as lina,na,nik,mina,malina,n even amal.hahah.jz choose which one u prefer the most,i'll be okay then.

15.i have payjal n emey n 2new kittens.they totally bring trouble to my abah.hu2

16.i solve my problems with sleeping.i have no choice.blame me.

17.pemalu?xcayo tny mereka.

18.suko stay drumah drpd brderak2.hobii.


20.i have a lil bit dull life n always comparing with others.such ungrateful person i am. trying hardly to finish this its almost 02.07am and me, still awake?waw~amazing. goal is to achieve good results in pray for me.

23.u urself judge me by ur own n i dont mind it at all.

uh,okay officially off.



Teaser Kanser said...

jua ikan dye..hahahahaha

little lady~ said...

never judge a book by its cover,,idk why im saying this,,


bukanWANITA[2] said...

teaser;i am.huu

little lady;i dun judge a book,bt ppl do judge me.heheh