Thursday, January 14, 2010


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still nothing in progress about my life
so i pretty have no guts to jot down here
because im a lil bit ashamed about my-so-called-boring-life
eheh =_='
soo broken english !! :(

seperti status di fb
ari nih,sy bersame same my abah
mnuju ke masjid kube kiye
utk blaja kete slps mnamatkn seisi pertapaan cukup 2purnama adepun d dalam rmh..
blaja ng abah lebih baek drpd blaja ng ummi sy
-woman and emosional cannot be separated-
and its a fact

"tekey kelah nuh !"
"tuka gear cpt sket!acu cpt sket !bkpo xmasuk2 jugok??"
"ore oyk ..xdgr ko?"

last2,tuka seat ng ummi..baris keto blake weh
serik doh blaja ng ummi.stressssss.
ng abh relax jah.HAHA.
supo jah ng abe yeng,cg merangkap jire sy..
wpun agak sedo sket byk bena tp meme amat2 mmhmi
xcekak nop baloh tiap2 kali blaja ng dyo

AY:"klu nk tuka gear,keno tekey kelah ra...?"
A: "...pat"

AY:"klu nk undur,keno tuka gear re...?"
A: "..verse"

terpakse keno jwb,klu dop..dye oyk sy ank murid drhako ko cg
meme laa..aja ilmu ajare sesat sgt
sapo nk cayo

A:klu keto ni xsey bereti,,nk wt gano?
AY:bukok pitu laluh,pah terjun rama2..kahkahkah

-xsero lucu pon bilo anda betul2 serius,okei-

tq also kpd mcno sbb bg resipi hok nth pape HAHA
tp last2 jd ugop bnde yg nth pape ituu
[ trpakse drahsiekn tkut mnjatuhkn maruah owner blog ini ]

p/s:myb next week i will wear a unifOrm school AGAIN T.T
sb dgr2 rumours koloh nk wt klas bi free kt bdop2 lpsn spm..
free tu petim bru eklas sket nk blaja.HAHA.

to all my dearest,
And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day
Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound

damn,i started to miss all of u T.T
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